Another new production recorded tonight and edited down into this.

I was trying to get a submerged in sound feeling… something that just grows and grows despite its size and keeps regenerating… never ending. Constant power… it felt good the first time I relistened to it after rendering the mix.. That doesn’t often happen when my ears are so tired from working… but it did this time - which is nice.

Back to the way we used to do it, and then taken apart… an edit of a sketch from today, with echoes of the Spanish.

So I used to make music in one night all the time. Produce it… get some beats together… cue up the bits using hot keys and midi controllers…. hit record and see what happens.

Over time I stopped doing that, pretty much as a natural progression, I started taking more time at the production stage and slicing/levelling individual tracks with more precision.

But I would listen to my older experiments and love the raw quality of it.

So I went back.

Produced and recorded this last night. I obviously kept the original track but then I sliced it down and gave it a small bit of love to make it somewhat listenable.

Felt good. :)